8 reasons The Citadel’s first half against Alabama was mind boggling


8 reasons The Citadel’s first half against Alabama was mind boggling

Well, greetings, it’s Week 12 of the school football season and people, Alabama had its most exceedingly bad 50% of the whole season against none other than 4-5 FCS group The Citadel amid what should be the SEC’s cupcake week. Bama was effortlessly ready to pull away in the second half and win 50-17, however, The Citadel’s first half was brilliant.


2. Alabama surrendered a greater number of yards in the primary half than it did all season.

Scratch Saban’s resistance had surrendered less than 100 yards on the barrier in the main a large portion of all season. The Citadel had 149 yards of aggregate offense in the primary half alone. The Citadel runs the triple choice, a hard framework to shield, particularly when you have seven days to get ready.

Running the ball that much additionally helps hold belonging down (Bama just had four in the principal half), constraining the harm the more capable group can do.

“It’s extremely testing since it’s clearly not the same as anything that we see (with any normality),” Saban said recently. “We spent some time (neutralizing it) in fall camp. We spent some time amid the bye week endeavoring to get our players to have the somewhat better comprehension of what they have to do and how they have to play it.”

3. This was by a wide margin the most exceedingly terrible first half for Alabama so far this season.

4. The Citadel scored the longest hurrying touchdown Bama’s protection has surrendered in years!

5. The Tide required 12 and a half minutes to score on offense — almost multiple times longer than common for Alabama.

Until the point when the LSU diversion on Nov. 3, Bama scored in the initial two minutes of each diversion this season.

6. This Alabama fan drove almost 800 miles to observe all that.

7. The Citadel’s Twitter account was having a great time.

8. Saban officially loathed confronting flex bone groups.

This isn’t too astounding — triple-alternative military institutes are a joined 36-11-1 against colossal point spreads since 1995. The Citadel isn’t, in fact, Army, Navy, or Air Force, yet it is comparative somehow or another. What’s more, any individual who picked The Citadel to cover the 53-point spread delighted in that first half, without a doubt.

Saban hasn’t actually taken FCS and triple alternative groups delicately. He once had this had this life-changing statement about Georgia Southern in 2011:


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