Greetings way in Iran

Greeting way or to do Welcome some one in Iran culture

It is for the most part expected that the individual with the lower status welcome the other individual first. In this way, it is respectful to offer your welcome initially to show that you view your partner as of a higher status than you, paying little heed to what your real status is in respect to the next individual.

Utilize a man’s title and last name when welcoming them until the point that they demonstrate it is alright to proceed onward to a first-name premise. Men ought to be formally tended to as ‘agha’, and ladies as ‘khanoom’, trailed by their surname. In the event that somebody is a Doctor or holds a PhD, utilize their expert title.

Titles can likewise be utilized to address a man by their first name. This shows a more familiar relationship while as yet giving admiration. For ladies, the title comes after their first name (i.e. “[first name] Agha”). It is tradable for men (i.e. “Khanoom [first name]” or “[first name] Khanoom”).

The Persian word “Salam” signifies “Hi”.

Welcome may include a handshake with the correct hand as it were. Men and ladies for the most part won’t shake hands unless the female outstretches her hand first and the man will respond the motion.

Iranian men ordinarily welcome ladies by putting their hand over their heart and gesturing/bowing delicately. This welcome may likewise be utilized with other individuals who they see are unaccustomed to being touched.

For a Western lady, it is best to bow to welcome an Iranian man and sit tight for him to start a further handshake in the event that he feels good.

Welcome may include a few kisses on each cheek if the other individual is a similar sexual orientation.

Ladies by and large welcome other ladies with a handshake out of the blue, and may grasp whenever they see each other and from that point on. In any case, in the event that they are in preservationist organization, they may confine how lovingly they welcome each other to abstain from drawing negative consideration.

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