Queen makes joke about Donald Trump to Sir David Attenborough

Queen makes joke about Donald Trump to Sir David Attenborough

Sacred tradition directs the Queen stays impartial constantly and that others must keep their discussions with her secret. The longest reigning ruler ever, “Elizabeth the quiet” has never given a press meet and does not vote in the general decision.

The majority of the above means Sir David Attenborough is probably going to have been stunned to hear her joke a boisterous helicopter hovering above them seemed like US president Donald Trump.

The match, both matured 91, were recording another ITV narrative in the greenhouses of Buckingham Palace when the air ship disturbed their discussion.

Unfit to supress her irritation, the Queen said:“Why do they go round and round when you want to talk?” She then said: “Sounds like President Trump, or President Obama”.


In the past, the US presidential helicopter has been considered in charge of harming regal yards.

ITV1 will air an irregular unique narrative called The Queen’s Green Planet one week from now which is based on a discussion between the Queen and the adored nature supporter in the patio nurseries of Buckingham Palace.

It will center around the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy and her little-known propensity for trees.

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