Performing artist reviews unpleasant minute she was grabbed pushed onto tram tracks.

Performing artist reviews unpleasant minute she was grabbed pushed onto tram tracks.

An overcome Manhattan performing artist reviewed the alarming minute a denounced sex beast professedly grabbed her and flung her onto the metro tracks after she dismissed his unpleasant come-ons.

“I was snatched from behind, he had one hand on my bosom and the other in my groin region, and he maneuvered me into his body,” Bonnie Currie, 23, told hearers Friday at Kimani Stephenson’s endeavored kill preliminary.

“I instructed him to f—k off and afterward he tossed me onto the prepare tracks,” she said of the charged April 14, 2017, assault, maintaining a strategic distance from her aggressor’s glare amid her declaration in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The celebrity, who fills in as an eatery server, wore a pink coat, dark pants and her hair in a bun as she apprehensively related the alarming trial on the northbound F prepare stage at fourteenth Street.

“Why you irritating, bitch?” Stephenson purportedly said in the wake of hurling her, similar to a cloth doll, 13 feet from where she was remaining, as indicated by prosecutors.

“Also, with those words, he cleared out Bonnie Currie,” said ADA Maxine Rosenthal in openings, “with no chance to get of getting herself back onto the stage, shouting for help.”

After Stephenson fled, Currie, who portrayed her manner as “insane,” said two outsiders lifted her to security.

The Vermont local said she was in intense torment and broke her wrist and separated her shoulder in the fall.

Specialists embedded a metal circle and tightens her wrist amid crisis medical procedure, she said.

The young lady advised hearers she wouldn’t have the capacity to perceive her assailant in light of the fact that the experience was so short.

Currie’s experience was lamentable, said safeguard lawyer David Kapner, however cops misunderstood the person.

The casualty, who had hurled back no less than six beverages, gave ambiguous and clashing portrayals of her aggressor, he said. His DNA was likewise not found on her garments.

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