Julie Chen ‘Will Continue to Work on Big Brother’ in the midst of Husband Les Moonves


Julie Chen ‘Will Continue to Work on Big Brother’ in the midst of Husband Les Moonves

Julie Chen will proceed with her job as the host of Big Brother.

As she underpins her better half, previous CBS CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves, in the midst of his sexual offense outrage, Chen, who has been facilitating the unscripted television rivalry for a long time, will proceed with her obligations on the show.

“She will keep on working on Big Brother and anticipates facilitating the show for quite a long time to come,” a source near Chen, 48, tells PEOPLE.

On Tuesday, Chen tended to her takeoff from the well-known daytime television show The Talk in a recorded message to watchers.

At this moment I have to invest more energy at home with my significant other and our young child,” she said. “So I’ve chosen to leave The Talk.”

“I know this show and the sisterhood it remains for will live on for some, numerous years to come,” she finished up.

After the video got done with playing, co-have Sheryl Underwood was considered crying to be Sara Gilbert said farewell to Chen in the interest of the ladies.

“For eight seasons, Julie Chen has co-facilitated The Talk with mind-boggling vitality, beauty, and demonstrable skill,” CBS said in an announcement. “Her gifts assumed a major job in our effective dispatch of CBS’ first system daytime syndicated program, and in the arrangement development into an Emmy Award-winning communicate. Every one of us here has huge thankfulness for the commitment and energy she conveyed to the demonstrate each day and for her liberal job as a diplomat for CBS Daytime. We are thankful for her numerous different commitments, regard her choice and want Julie to enjoy all that life has to offer in all that she does.”

Chen’s takeoff from The Talk comes a little more than seven days after CBS declared that Moonves was not anymore the administrator and CEO of the system following different affirmations of sexual wrongdoing.

Julie] has dependably been exceptionally active as the host,” a source near the system’s world rivalry indicate already told PEOPLE. “She knows everybody’s name on the team, and she is extremely included. She’s been doing this show for a long time; she’s the substance of Big Brother. A ton of the team individuals are twenty to thirty-year-olds who grew up watching her, and she has been so awesome to them. She’s exceptionally receptive, and she truly thinks about making the show in the same class as conceivable.”

“The most recent couple of weeks have been unique, however,” the source included. “She comes in, does what she needs to do, and takes off. She doesn’t make casual discussion; she doesn’t converse with the group. She comes in, does her activity, and takes off. It’s reasonable you can’t approach her. On the off chance that she’s not on camera, she’s either on her telephone or she withdraws to her room. It resembles an alternate host. It isn’t so much that other individuals can’t have a show this way, however, I don’t know how you get somebody who minds as much as she does. It feels like she’s completely looked at of Big Brother, which makes everybody anxious.”

In any case, at the same time, Chen has made it known she is remaining by her significant other.

A week ago, Chen came back to CBS to have Big Brother and sent an unpretentious message of solidarity to her significant other as she closed down from the show, taking a gander at the camera and saying, “I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.”

It was the first occasion when that she has utilized the keep going name Moonves on the show — and it came only days after her significant other left CBS after different ladies blamed him for inappropriate behavior.

An insider near the Big Brother generation already told PEOPLE, “Everybody realizes that it’s a major ‘f—you’ to CBS that she did it since she never at any point alludes to herself as anything other than Julie Chen.”

Chen and Moonves wedded in 2004 and share 8-year-old child Charlie.

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