Putin juggles ball football World Cup in Russia (VIDEO)

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Putin juggles ball in keep running up to football World Cup in Russia (VIDEO)

Putin juggles ball football World Cup in Russia .Many incredible football players flaunted their abilities in FIFA’s promo cut for the up and coming World Cup in Russia – and the nation’s leader demonstrated he can convey a few decent kicks, as well.

The variety of popular football stars was joined by two men who have never played professionally, yet have a major stake in the up and coming title: FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who passed the ball to each other in a lobby of the Kremlin.

Most of the players who highlighted in the clasp are resigned, yet they would have made one serious group in their prime. They included legends Peter Schmeichel, Diego Maradona and Wayne Rooney.

The FIFA World Cup will start on June 14 and proceed until July 15. Russia has arranged 12 fields in 11 urban communities to have the diversions. “Putin juggles ball football World Cup in Russia

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