Russian-made military aircraft crashes in Egypt


Russian-made military aircraft crashes in Egypt

CAIRO/MOSCOW: A Russian-made MiG-29 military aircraft slammed amid a preparation trip in Egypt, Russia’s state-controlled airship maker was cited by RIA news office as saying on Saturday.

The Egyptian military affirmed that a contender fly slammed while preparing due to a “specialized glitch in the control instruments”, adding the pilot figured out how to launch securely.

Russian plane crashes in Egypt, slaughtering each of the 224 installed

“We are in control of the most recent data about the accident of a MiG-29M having a place with the Egyptian armed force. Our specialized specialists will make a trip to Egypt soon to help in the examination,” Russia’s state-controlled United Aircraft Corporation was cited by RIA as saying.

Joined Aircraft Corporation, which joins Russian state-possessed military and non-military personnel airship development organizations, couldn’t quickly be gone after the remark.

Under a 2015 arrangement, Russia consented to supply 46 MiG-29 military aircraft to Egypt, Vedomosti daily paper said at the time, referring to two sources in the flying machine industry.

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