Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist, dies at 76

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Stephen Hawking, renowned scientist, dies at 76

March 14, 2011) Stephen Hocking, a 76-year-old family spokesman, confirmed the death of Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hocking was the present physician of the present era, He was regarded as the second scientist after Irene Stein, most of his work is in the field of Black Holes and Theory of Cosmological Cosmology.
In 1963, at 22, when he had a motorborn neuron disease, medical experts predicted that they would be able to survive for only a few months only. Only five percent of the disease-related patients also diagnosed with the disease Could not survive for more than a decade. Most people die within a few years of the diagnosis of this disease. Due to this disease, Stephen hawking was limited to the wheelchair and used medical devices to speak.

Professor Hocking lived with this disease for almost half a century, which gradually weakened the muscles of the body, which control nervousness and living in such a way is considered a miracle. Stephen Hawking ion in theoretical physics Since Stein, one of the most talented scientists is counted. In 2014 he has warned that humanity is facing threats from artificial intelligence.
Stephen Hocking was born on Oxford, England on January 8, 1942, in Oxford in 1959, in the University of Natural University, PhD from Cambridge University. In 1963 motor neuroscope was diagnosed and they were given time to survive for two years. In 1974, the theory presented the Black Holes hockey radiation in space. In 1988, he published his book “A Brief History of Time”, which sold more than one million copies.
The film “The Theory of Everlasting” was made on her life in 2014, with the main character Eddy Redeemer. He used to use a special computer to convey his ideas to others and move it to the page. His illness was unable to stop them from researching. In a few days after the release of Stephen Hocking’s Ph.D. 1966 issue by the University of Cambridge in Britain, he broke the study record. During the time she was read more than 20 million times and more than 5 million people downloaded it.

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