The Maryland Terrapins: Know Your Opponent


The Maryland Terrapins: Know Your Opponent

Welcome back to the most exact and judicious Buckeyes football section in America, Know Your Opponent! Consistently we explore the intricate details of the Buckeyes’ adversary, giving perusers all that they have to know on Saturdays other than “I trust the folks in Scarlet and Gray win,” however true, that might be a more agreeable ordeal. This week: The Terrapins of the University of Maryland at College Park in College Park, Maryland!

Because of the unforgiving idea of the B1G divisional framework (to my reporting vocation), the Buckeyes have played the Terrapins for quite a long time, so look at a past KYO for the points of interest on the Terps’ mascot, customs, and graduated class. We’ll cover the new stuff here.

Stats – unranked

PPG – 69th (Nice.)

YPG – 99th

PPGA – 55th

YPGA – 30th

Record: 5-5, 5th in B1G East

Texas @ Landover, Md., W 34 – 29

@ Bowling Green, W 45 – 14

Temple, L 14 – 35

Minnesota, W 42 – 13

@ Michigan, L 21 – 42

Rutgers, W 34 – 7

@ Iowa, L 0 – 23

Illinois, W 63 – 33

Michigan St., L 3 – 24

Indiana, L 32 – 34

For reasons unknown, regardless of who is training the group, it appears that Maryland has Texas’ number. It must humiliate wunderkind Tom Herman to get reliably claimed continuously most exceedingly awful group in the B1G, particularly when somebody named “Matt Canada” is their mentor. What an extraordinary football name, Canada, a nation famous for its American football ability.

Talking about which:

Mentor: Matt Canada

Indiana local Canada played QB in secondary school and gone to school at IU. Curiously enough, he didn’t play school football, rather turning into an understudy instructing right hand there his sophomore year. He was likewise a quarters occupant guide, state police junior patrolman, understudy government sergeant-at-arms, neighborhood primary school locale crosswalk facilitator, and an Eagle Scout.

Here’s his whole profession:

1994–1996      Indiana (GA)

1997                Butler (OC/QB)

1998–2000      Northern Illinois (RB)

2001–2002      Northern Illinois (QB)

2003                Northern Illinois (OC/QB)

2004                Indiana (QB)

2005–2006      Indiana (QB/PGC)

2007–2010      Indiana (OC/QB)

2011                Northern Illinois (OC/QB)

2012                Wisconsin (OC/QB)

2013–2015      NC State (OC/QB)

2016                Pittsburgh (OC/QB)

2017                LSU (OC/QB)

2018–present   Maryland (OC/QB/Interim HC)

Canada is a long-lasting associate mentor who for reasons unknown will in general hop schools after a brief span. From all records the UMD players like him and he’s completed an adequate activity given the conditions, yet don’t rely on him getting approval after the season closes. On the other hand, after the Durkin disaster, Maryland might be fortunate to clutch a mentor like Canada as a facilitator, not to mention head mentor.

Despite the fact that not a graduated class, disrespected previous head mentor DJ Durkin is the most unmistakable shitbag right now connected with the University of Maryland, so we should survey his violations here. Other than his general record at the UMD rudder, I mean.

As a local Ohioan and BGSU football player, Durkin has numerous connections to our own Urban Meyer, finding his first training gig with the primary man in NW Ohio after school. He moved forward and backward between enormous name schools, for the most part under Meyer and Jim Harbaugh, before getting the lead gig at UMD. Until the point that this past offseason he was viewed as one of school football’s enfant terrible, alongside cuties like Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman.

This mid-year Durkin was set on authoritative leave after one of his players, lineman Jordan McNair, endured a warmth stroke amid an offseason exercise. McNair kicked the bucket in the healing center two weeks after the fact after a fizzled liver transplant. The college let go the scalawag quality mentor who drove the heedless exercise and propelled an interior survey of the football program and culture. Despite the fact that the report discovered that Durkin founded and driven what any unbiased spectator would call a lethal culture, he was restored by the school president on October 30th, referring to worries that the leading group of officials would fire him in the event that he didn’t reestablish Durkin. Soon thereafter, at a gathering with the group, a few players excited and declined to play for Durkin, requesting exchanges. After monstrous open feedback from sponsors, noticeable graduated class, players’ folks, and even the Governor of Maryland, the school switched course the following day and demonstrated Durkin the entryway. In no way like a flat out and add up to prompt open reaction to influence the school to make the best decision, as though it wasn’t totally evident since August.

The expectation is that Durkin stays jobless in the school football instructing world for whatever is left of his characteristic life, seeing as he let a player bite the dust on his watch. He ought to be substance to live off a great many dollars the territory of Maryland will pay him over the rest of his agreement years, yet on the off chance that we taken in anything from assault manufacturing plant foreman Art Briles and his help from the late Hue Jackson, football men will move in around the most abhorrent and repulsive of their part, paying little mind to the wrongdoing. It resembles in Interview with the Vampire, where the beasts’ solitary genuine offense is executing their very own sort; whatever else is the reasonable diversion. Ideally this time it’s extraordinary. No love lost.

Jermaine Carter, LB, Carolina Panthers

Vernon Davis, TE, Washington Redskins

Sean Davis, S, Pittsburgh Steelers

Stefon Diggs, WR, Minnesota Vikings

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

J.C. Jackson, CB, New England Patriots

Quinton Jefferson, DT, Seattle Seahawks

Darius Kilgo, NT, Tennessee Titans (featured above)

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers

Yannick Ngakoue, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

Torrey Smith, WR, Carolina Panthers


Tyrrell Pigrome, QB

Darnell Savage, Jr., DB

Jesse Aniebonam, DL

Dontay Demus, WR (featured above)

Tino Ellis, DB

Tayon Fleet-Davis, RB

Jahrvis Davenport, WR

Jayden Comma, WR

Fofie Bazzie, DB

Legend Brumbaugh, QB

Javon Leake, RB

Antwaine Richardson, DB

Derwin Gray, OL

Marcus Minor, OL

Cherokee Glasgow, DL

Lawtez Rogers, DL


The challenge against MSU went about and in addition, I anticipated. What an interesting season and an abnormal group – each diversion another unit ventures up to cover for the deficiencies of the earlier week’s star squad, with no consistency between recreations. Be that as it may, a win is a win, so I’ll abandon it there.

With respect to this week, I’ve been sitting tight for this amusement for a long time now, the main Buckeyes diversion that is simple for me to get to that costs under $400 a ticket, however I decline to submit any (more) cash to the coffers of a college that would give a man a chance to like Durkin run wild sufficiently long to kill a player, at that point give him his activity back.

I make enough moral bargains as of now as a school football fan, the slightest I anticipate that is will not have my nose rubbed in it with appalling misinterpretation like that. Thus, I will watch this diversion as I do each other amusement, from the solace of my lounge room, with ordinarily valued lager and shabby tidbits close by. Maybe I dissent excessively here, and I’m exactly at the age where it’s not speaking to take a 45 minute train ride and pay $100 to sit in a cool stadium and drink overrated create lagers while my school football establishing interest ventures on the neck of the neighborhood B1G member, when I can watch it at home and take a poop where there’s warmth. Whatever—these bloodsuckers previously got me on the snare for satisfying an advanced education, I’m keeping my pennies and good predominance this end of the week and watching from home.

Anywho, a 12-sided bite the dust roll predicts the Buckeyes win, 36-14, however, I would not be astounded if the Terps just deal with a field objective. See you back here one week from now for the huge one!

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