Tulsans March On Despite Cancelled Veterans Day Parade


Tulsans March On Despite Cancelled Veterans Day Parade

TULSA, Oklahoma – Because of Monday morning’s climate, the Tulsa Veterans Day march in Downtown was dropped. It’s the first run through the motorcade has ever been dropped because of climate. Be that as it may, that didn’t stop a long queue of veterans and grateful Tulsans from walking the course at any rate.

66% of the buoys dropped Monday morning, so Tulsa VFW Commander Joshua Starks chose to authoritatively drop the procession. Be that as it may, a line of individuals as yet needing to walk shaped soon after 9:30 a.m. at third and Boston, denoting the motorcade’s 100th year and known as one of the nation’s biggest.

The authority said it was a disastrous choice to drop the procession, yet said he needed to do it for security purposes behind those walking and the onlookers that would’ve come Downtown to watch.

In any case, an official cancelation didn’t mean everybody went home.

“Nothing would stop us, ma’am. We would do this no make a difference what and with the veterans, we have here in Tulsa they are no-nonsense and they would do it, so we went and gotten it going … we felt free to go out there today,” said Commander Starks.

One Tulsan conquered the climate to watch the motorcade and give his gratitude to the individuals who served.

“For the veterans! Because they are around here. I need to be over here and my family served, I served and my child served and it’s simple … it’s our day,” said Brian White.

The current year’s procession would have respected all veterans with the topic “100 Years of Honor and Service,” celebrating the 100th commemoration of the finish of World War I.

The processions in Claremore and Wagoner planned for Monday morning were additionally dropped because of climate.

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