WATCH: Lance Stephenson celebrates on a missed three-pointer


WATCH: Lance Stephenson celebrates on a missed three-pointer

Spear Stephenson has occupied with a wide range of unusual tricks amid his NBA profession. He has blown in the ear of LeBron James amid a playoff diversion. He has contended with arbitrators and tangled up with players and genuinely earned a spot on the Meme Team, a moniker given to a few veteran free operators who marked with the Lakers this offseason. All things considered, even in his very own history, this play will end up a standout amongst the most scorned online life snapshots of his profession. Stephenson arranged for a three-pointer in Saturday’s diversion against the Houston Rockets. He trusted that shot was going in. He pivoted to celebrate. And afterward, the ball did not end up experiencing the loop.

This play is to some degree reminiscent of a shot taken by Nick Young for the Lakers quite a long while back. While Stephenson’s shot was taken in the corner, Young’s came at the highest point of the key. He endeavored a three-pointer and pivoted to celebrate before the ball missed decently severely, and that minute has been deified on Twitter and reused for a considerable length of time since. There is nothing fans appreciate more than unmerited certainty and the silliness that it makes. In such a nearby amusement three additional focuses would have been extremely pleasant. In any case, more pleasant still are minutes like this that can be delighted in for a considerable length of time to come. It’s not just as Stephenson is new to online networking reputation, however, he earned it by and by in this diversion.

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